Clarifying the Use of Rubber Seals in Water

Rubber Seals For The Water IndustryThe National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent not-for profit organization that certifies products and writes standards for food, water, air, and consumer goods. NSF standards are also recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Rubber products are typically tested and/or certified as component parts used in food processing or water handling systems. NSF may approve Rubber Seals as component parts for use in a specific application, or give blanket certification to specific compounds for use in all applicable applications. Additionally, NSF conducts an annual audit of PAI’s manufacturing facility and certifies compliance with the standard.

Precision Associates compound 23761 is certified by the NSF to meet NSF/ANSI 61 covering Drinking Water System Components.

Component Approval Process

When using rubber materials that are not already certified by the NSF, device manufacturers may receive component approval for a compound. The device manufacturer initiates the NSF approval process by petitioning the NSF for device approval. The NSF will send the manufacturer an application form, which is divided into two parts.

The device manufacturer fills out the first half of the form, which defines the application parameters, including the amount of contact area of our rubber seal that is exposed. The manufacturer forwards the form to us to be completed.

We fill out the rest of the form, including a listing of the rubber compound ingredients and when applicable the section of the U.S Code of Federal Regulations under which the material is sanctioned. PAI then sends the completed form directly to NSF.

After completing their device evaluation, the NSF will report the results directly to the manufacturer. Precision Associates is not typically involved at this point unless additional information or material testing is required. PAI compounds have been submitted and approved as parts of specific applications in the following programs:

NSF / ANSI Standard
Program Name
Circulation System Components and Related Materials for Swimming Pools, Spas/Hot tubs
Food Equipment Materials
Drinking Water System Components


International standards exist for equipment manufactured for drinking water use in other countries. Understanding the requirements of the end market is critical for proper material selection and compliance with these regulations in the initial stages of design.

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