What’s New?

Presidential Transition

Earlier this year, Paul Kadue made the decision to semi-retire at the end of 2017 and announced that his nephew Brad Kadue, grandson of founder Arnold Kadue, has been selected as his successor as President.   Brad has worked in the organization for the past 13 years serving in a number of capacities at both PAI and Sil-Pro LLC, a subsidiary of PAI, in the areas of finance, accounting, and executive management.  Brad continues the family tradition as the third generation to lead the company.  (12/21/17)


PAI launches new customer website!

Customers can check order status, track shipments, verify pricing, and a whole lot more by creating an account on www.paicustomers.com

You must have a business account with Precision Associates to access the information.  It is not a site that the general public can use nor can you place orders on the site.  Check it out today!  (11/29/17)


PAI receives certification to ISO 9001:2015

Precision Associates was audited in November to the new standard and passed with no findings or observations.  (11/27/2017)


Two compounds qualify for Sour Gas use in Energy Applications

Compound 608905 (90 durometer Viton® GF) and Compound 9905 (90 durometer FKM Extreme Low Temp) were both recently qualified to API 6A  and  ISO 10423:2009 for Sour Gas (10% Hydrogen Sulfide/80%Carbon Dioxide/10% Methane) at 204°C.

PAI featured in Medical Device & Diagnostic

Precision Associates and sister company Sil-Pro are featured by MD&DI in this article about trends in the medical device industry requiring smaller component parts. 1/22/16

Two New Fluoroelastomer Compounds

Compound 8705 is a 75 Durometer black Viton® GBL. 8705 will operate at slightly lower temperatures than standard Viton® B compounds. 609910 is a 90 Durometer brown FDA compliant compound impregnated with PTFE for reduced friction in dynamic applications. 12/14/15

Two New FDA Compliant Compounds

Two new non-black FDA compliant EPDM compounds are available. Compound 623719 is a 70 durometer, while 623807 is 80 durometer. Both are purple and are ADI Free. 11/25/15

Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) Resistant Viton® Compounds for Energy Applications

Viton® Compounds 608905 (90 duro) and 8990 (95 duro) were recently tested to NACE TM 0192-2012 by an Independent Laboratory. Both compounds passed, obtaining an overall rating of 1 – the highest possible score. Compound 8990 also has excellent extrusion resistance. These materials are designed specifically for Oil and Gas applications. 6/1/15

Compounds 608905 and 8990 have now been tested for RGD resistance per ISO 23936-2 / NORSOK M-710, Edition 3 (Media 10% CO2 & 90% CH4). Again both materials passed with the highest ratings possible – (All rings were rated 0000). 8/15/15

Two more Metal & X-ray Detectable Compounds

Fluoroelastomer 9770 and EPDM 23770 join our family of X-ray and Metal detectable seal compounds. Like the others, they are 3-A certified for dairy applications are are formulated using FDA sanctioned materials. 4/17/15

90 Duro Internally Lubed FDA Fluorelastomer

Compound 9918, a new 90 Durometer, Teflon filled FDA Fluoroelastomer made from FDA sacntioned materials is now available. 4/8/15

Our 60th Anniversary!

Our company was founded in 1955 by Arnold Kadue. This month we celebrate our 60th anniversary. Watch this short video to learn a ltittle of our history and of our people. 3/26/15

Metal and X-Ray Detectable Compounds

PAI introduces the first two in our line of Metal and X-Ray detectable rubber compounds. Nitrile compound 7770 and Silicone compound 19770 are both 70 Durometer, Blue, and FDA Compliant. These materials are useful in HACCP compliant food processing applications. 2/16/15

Another Low Temperature Viton®

Compound 8803 is a new 80 durometer black Viton® compound based on DuPont’s GLT technology. It is suitable for use at low temperatures and has good heat, fluid and compression set resistance. 12/5/14

Glow-in-the-Dark Rubber Compounds

70 Durometer Silicone compound 19781 is the first in our series of Glow-in-the-Dark rubber compounds. These materials are useful for locating equipment in lights out applications and are also used for decorative puposes. 11/24/14

Automated Inspection of Micro O-Rings

PAI has added a of a new automated inspection machine capable of inspecting O-Rings as small as .020″ (.5 mm). 10/20/14

EC 1935 Compliant EPDM Compound

Compound 623717 was developed to meet EC 1935, the European standard for rubber and plastic articles in contact with food. The compound is also formutlated with FDA approved ingredients. 7/24/14

15 Durometer Silicone

Our first ultra low durometer compound, 49124 is also USP VI approved. It can be run in our ISO14644-1, class 7 clean room for medical applications, or outside for industrial applications. 3/17/14

Low Temperature Polyacrylate Compounds

Two new Polyacrylate compounds are the first of several planned in this polymer family . 70 durometer compound 21716 and 40 durometer compound 21416 join our B-Lo°™ line of rubber compounds specifically formulated for service at low temperatures. 3/4/14

60 Duro Polyacrylate Compound

Compound 21647 is a 60 durometer black general purpose Polyacrylic polymer suitable for use in automobile transmission fluid and synthetic oils. It also exhibits good resistance to compression set, heat and petroleum based oils. 1/9/14

Two New Compounds

20963 is a 90 durometer Blue Fluorosilicone, and 655703 is a new Ultra-Low Temperature resistant HNBR. 12/04/13

Precision Associates is pleased to announce our new partnership with MMI Precision in Ramsey, Minnesota

Along with Standard Machine Mold Company and Sil-Pro, we are proud to welcome MMI Precision to the PAI family of companies providing quality rubber, silicone, and machined metal components for a wide variety of industries. MMI has provided precision machining service since 1999.  Their knowledge, skills, cutting-edge technology, and processes have made them a leading supplier to the Aerospace and Medical industries.  MMI handles all aspects of the machining process in-house.  From initial design to the final product, each member of the MMI team is driven to meet project demands and exceed expectations in delivering complete customer satisfaction. 10/18/13

Two New REACH, RoHS, and FDA Compliant Nitriles

Nitrile compounds 5844 (80 durometer) and 5944 (90 durometer) are both compliant with REACH & RoHS, and are formulated with FDA approved ingredients that are ADI Free. Both compounds exhibit good resistance to compression set, petroleum based oils, and aliphatic & aromatic fuels. 10/11/13

High Temp General Purpose Silicone Compound

Compound 19720 is a new 70 Durometer Silicone compound with superb high temperature properties. 19720 also has excellent resistance to compression set, and remains non-brittle at very low temperatures. 10/3/13

Low Temperature 90 Duro HNBR Compound

Compound 55903 is a new 90 Durometer Low Temperature Highly Saturated Nitrile with a TR-10 of -40°. 55903 also has good resistance to compression set, heat, and petroleum based oils and is both REACH & RoHS compliant. 10/2/13

Low Temperature HNBR Compound

Compound 55703 is a new 70 Durometer Low Temperature Highly Saturated Nitrile with a TR-10 of -40°. 55703 also has good resistance to compression set, heat, and petroleum based oils and is both REACH & RoHS compliant. 7/31/13

High Pressure Anti-Extrusion Test Equipment

PAI’s Energy Group is now operating our new 30,000 High Pressure Extrusion Resistance testing apparatus. The device is also capable of testing at elevated temperatures while at high pressure. This equipment is used to develop new compounds for difficult Oil Field applications. 7/26/13

X-Ray Detectable Food Grade Viton®

Compound 8936 is a new 90 durometer Grey Viton® GF made with ingredients that are FDA compliant. Molded products that use this material will be X-Ray detectable. 6/3/13

Two Low Temperature Fluoroelastomers

Compounds 9701 and 9901 are 70 and 90 durometer FKM compounds with TR-10 values of -40°, suitable for use at very low temperatures. They also exhibit good resistance to compression set, petroleum based oils, aliphatic and aromatic fuels and oxygenated fuels. 5/21/13

Self Lubricating 90 Duro Carboxylated HNBR

This new compound provides the benefits of both Hydrogenation and Carboxylation to provide an exceptionally long wearing seal material. Compound 55997 is self lubricating for use in dry air applications and will withstand higher operating temperatures than standard nitriles. This 90 durometer material also functions well in high pressure and abrasive sealing applications. 5/2/13

REACH Compliant General Purpose NBR

PAI introduces compound 3606, a general purpose 60 durometer black Nitrile compound that is both REACH & RoHS compliant. 3/26/13

Low Temperature Viton®

Compound 8903 is a new 90 durometer black Viton® compound based on DuPont’s GLT technology. It is suitable for use at low temperatures and has good heat, fluid and compression set resistance. 3/26/13

New Steam Resistant EPDM

PAI has developed a new 95 durometer EPDM that uses the L’Garde cure system. Compound 23967 is intended for use in high temperature steam and geothermal applications. 2/18/13

PAI introduces Z-APT™ Process

PAI introduces its new Z-APT™ Advanced Polymer Treatment process for reducing stiction in dynamic applications. 2/14/13

New EPDM Compound Added

PAI has developed a new 80 durometer purple EPDM compound. Compound 23828 exhibits good resistance to compression set and will remain non brittle at very low temperatures. 1/07/13

New HNBR Compound Introduced

PAI announces development of a new Black 90 Durometer HNBR, formulated especially for ozone & high temperature resistance. Compound 55906 meets BG & CH callouts and is RoHS & REACH compliant. 10/01/12

New Silicone Compound Introduced

PAI has developed a new high strength, 30 durometer, salmon colored, silicone compound. Compound 19351 is REACH & RoHS compliant and is Animal Derived Ingredient Free. 19351 meets ASTM D2000 FC, FE & GE callouts – Ask our customer service group for your Product Data Sheet. 8/29/12

Two New Viton® Compounds Added

A pair of Viton® formulations have been added to our line. 8525 is a cream colored 55 durometer compound. 608709 is a 75 durometer, specialty fluoroelastomer featuring improved low temperature flexibility. Both are REACH & RoHS compliant. 8/6/12

Standard Machine Mold Unveils Updated Website

Standard Machine Mold, PAI’s In-House Tool Shop, introduces its new updated website. 6/25/12

Low Temperature Vamac® Compound Introduced

PAI announces a new addition to our B-Lo °™ Low Temperature product line. Compound 22716, is a 75 durometer black Vamac® (Ethylene Acrylic) specifically designed for low temperature applications as well as good resistance to heat and compession set. 5/14/12

New 3-A Certifications

PAI introduces 3441, a new 40 durometer Nitrile compound certified to meet 3-A 18-03 Class IV. We have also certified 19424 and 19448, two 40 durometer silicone compounds to 3-A 18-03 Class IV, plus 19624, a 60 durometer silicone certified to 3-A 18-03, Classes I, II, III, & IV. All four materials are made with FDA sanctioned materials and are Animal Derived Ingredient Free. 4/24/12

New Laser Part Marker

Our new laser part engraver is now in production, allowing us to mark molded items with multiple P/Ns, Batch Numbers, Cure Dates, etc. Since this device engraves the parts, letters do not protrude from seal surfaces. Thus allowing more possibilities for character location. 3/1/12

3800 Clean Room Certified

PAI’s new ISO 14644-1, Class 7 (10,000) Clean Room is certified and operational. The 6,000 square foot clean room replaces our previous, smaller clean room at our 740 site. 2/6/12

New Family of Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene compounds

PAI announces our new family of Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM) materials. These were developed to replace our prior CSM compounds that became obsolete when DuPont discontinued Hypalon®. The new compounds are 14540, 14640, 14740 and 14840, 50-80 durometer black; 14525, 14625, 14725, and 14825, 50-80 durometer white and RoHS compliant; and 14715, a 70 durometer black RoHS compliant compound. 1/30/12

New Equipment

PAI’s mold division, Standard Machine Mold Co, has taken delivery of a new Makino F5, High Speed 3 Axis Vertical CNC Mill. The additional mill is required to keep up with increased demand for new custom molds. 1/24/12

New Standard Products

Precision Associates added 77 new O-Ring sizes to our catalog in 2011 as well as 8 new X-Rings and one new Back-up ring. 12/31/11

New CIIR Compound

Precision Associates announces our new 70 durometer black colored Chlorobutyl compound13720, featuring excellent resistance to compression set and heat. 12/22/11

New Perflouroelastomer Compound

PAI announces our new 90 durometer P-REX™ Perfluoroelastomer compound, 34931, suitable for use in Back-up rings and other applications requiring increased modulus in extreme environments. 12/02/11

Precision Associates develops two new specialty Viton® Fluoroelastomers.

Compound 8675 is a white 60 durometer FDA Viton® GF-S base polymer that exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals and to compression set. Compound 8848 is a black 80 durometer FDA Viton® with excellent resistance to heat, petroleum based oils, & aliphatic and aromatic fuels. 11/18/11

New HNBR Compound Developed

PAI introduces HNBR compound 55806, developed to have excellent ozone and heat resistance. The compound meets a long list list of ASTM D2000 callouts. 11/08/11

PAI Breaks Ground on New Clean Room

PAI announces construction has begun on our new 6,000 sq ft ISO 14644-1 Class 7 (10,000) clean room. Completion is estimated for late January of 2012.  10/22/11

Two New FDA / 3-A Compounds Developed

PAI introduces two new 50 Durometer Buna N compounds formulated with FDA approved ingredients. Both compounds are also approved by 3-A for dairy applications: 3575 is a 50 Duro White NBR compound and 3541 is a 50 Duro Black NBR. 10/22/11

New HNBR Drive Belt Compound Developed

Precision Associates introduces a new 65 durometer HNBR compound, 55606, developed especially for Drive Belt applications. 10/17/11

Compound 5715 Reformulated

PAI 70 durometer black Nitrile compound 5715 was reformulated to provide improved ozone resistance while maintaining good low temperature properties. 5715 also exhibits good resistance to petroleum based oils and aliphatic fuels. 10/10/11

PAI Moves to new location

After 56 years at the same six-story location, Precision Associates is moving to a new home. Our new location is at 3800 North Washington Ave. in Minneapolis. PAI purchased an existing building and spent 9 months preparing it for efficient rubber manufacturing. All production is now on one floor with subsequent manufacturing operations adjacent to each other. We expect this change will result in improved quality and quicker delivery for you, our customer.


White Viton® and EPDM Compounds approved for USP VI applications

We have successfully tested our white Viton® compound 48725 and white EPDM compound 423725 for compliance to USP VI requirements. Compound 48725 (Viton®) exhibits excellent chemical resistance, even when compared to most Fluoroelastomers while compound 423725 (EPDM) has very good physical properties for a non-black USP VI / FDA EPDM.

Both compounds are available to be used in over 2,000 O-Ring sizes as well as our other catalog and custom seals in our ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room.


get_adobe_readerDownload our Viton® and EPDM Compounds Brochure for additional information. (PDF – 117KB)